Focus on uploading hentai english subtitle version first. Indonesian subtitle will be release soon


There some information you need to know :

  • Not all contents such as hentai motion i should store it.
  • I never use download provider such as Katfile, Rapidgator, Mexashare, and Uploaded. Fuck all of them !
  • About the streaming, 480p is only choice. I can’t upload more good quality because i need more times to upload it.
  • It’s not good choice if you want download the contents using quota,  better suggestion use WI-FI.
  • My website should keep simple, clean, and neat.



Q : Can you add more download provider such as Zippyshare ? GoFile ? Or mirror link ?

A : No, better i upload it to Mediafire, MEGA, and OneDrive. It can store it all stuff for long time.


Q : You only have one stream provider, yes it’s Doodstream. Why you don’t add alternative stream link ?

A : Doodstream is very recommended for stream. But don’t worry, if it saying “404 NOT FOUND” you can still watch it from alternative stream.


Q : The file size is too big, can you compress a little bit ?

A : I can, but laptop is low specification. I need more 6 hours to encode it. So please, i very thanks for you all if you donate me for buying my first PC.


Q : The format file is TXT ? not MP4 or MKV ?

A : Rename it the file, then remove  the word “.txt”. Oh come on, it’s just cheap tricks you know ?!


Q : I saw my RAW hentai have watermark, what should i do ?

A : You have good eyes mate, report immediately in my discord. we will reupload it.


Q : What’s different between the hentai file RAW and 1080p ?

A : The hentai file 1080p you will get watermark and the both subs, english and indonesian. The RAW is only HD hentai video.  (This FAQ only for old format download link)


Q : The download link is broken, found website bugs,  even i can’t stream it. Can you solve it ?

A : Of course ! just report it in my discord.


Q : Only english and indonesian subtitles ? Can you add more subs please ?

A : Nope.


How was YureiHen born ?

It all started from years 2019 when i (Fishkeslek) hear about my friends talking about web design during programming class. Yeah, i very interest about website even i can imagine if  got profit from my website. But, the only one thing question always stuck in my head, “What contents i should post it ?”. And suddenly, my friend (sveinnd) asking “Can i stay overnight in your boarding house ? Ah yes, i bring my flashdisk, don’t forget my hentai video.”. Damn, i should thanks to him for finding my answer before. Then, i start my project called “Ero Hentai”. First, i should finding many example website design for my references. Until i said “wow, it’s very hard to make it this things”, Learning programming code such as HTML, CSS, PHP, even JS is not enough for me. Then i try using framework called “bootstrap” and “vuetify” to make my webiste. I try make it until at 2020, i was fail. The only one thing can help to make my website is “wordpress”. I know, it’s too easy using wordpress, just installing a good theme & plugins, done! Of course, you will told me like this “Damn bro! you should use WordPress before! don’t wasting your time!”. Well, my lecturer always said “Programmer never use WordPress!”, then i just forget about that word. Wait, “Ero Hentai” it’s too vulgar in my mind even i can imagine again my website will got block from my country in first launch website. So, i change it to “Yureihen”.

Okay, the website is completed. Now what ? Of course the hentai contents, i never have experiences about finding RAW hentai and soft subtitles. Many  my friends and community hentai i asking them where they get it. Until i found my first hentai references it can get from (sukebei.nyaa.si). Dammit! It’s not enough! I need more references. Then suddenly i click it website (muchohentai.com). Wow! Many hentai RAW there, i glad the owner website (Achoron) allow me to get all the hentai RAW. Alright, just one more little things, the subtitle. Some RAW hentai not including with english subtitle so i should find by myself. I need more 4 hours  for changing the language from english to indonesian. My first indonesian subtitle from hentai “Aibeya The Animation”.Then, i post my first hentai with my own subtitle at September 29, 2020.