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Shishunki Sex Episode 3

Hentai Sub Released on November 30, 2020 · ? views · Posted by C.Ghost · series Shishunki Sex

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Two childhood friends who had their first sexual experience with each other both end up in a sex-ed class where condoms are discussed and distributed.

Time to test them out!

Download Shishunki Sex Episode 3

Shishunki Sex

Rating 7.04
Status: Completed Studio: Released: Jun 7, 2019 Duration: 15 Minutes Type: Hentai Episodes: 4
Episode 1 Akane gives Okazaki shit for bringing a dirty magazine with him to school. On her way home, she can’t help but remember and get angry at how Okazaki showed her a page of the dirty magazine... She got her revenge by beating him, but she’s still unsatisfied. As if someone was laughing at her, a dirty magazine appears before her feet. She can’t help but get drawn to it and take a look. Doing so, something inside her changes and she does something unexpected… Episode 2-3 Today’s lesson is different than usual. It’s about the male and female body. Kenta is feeling a bit awkward because of the lesson’s content and Hana starts talking to him about it. Walking together after school, Hana brings up the topic of the lesson, and shows that she’s very interested in the difference between the male and female body. Kenta tries to change the topic but Hana forces him to show her his naked body once they get home. Episode 4 His whole life he has been a failure, but he still wanted to try and teach students anyways. Turns out even a failure can land a hot schoolgirl as long as he has the equipment she needs!